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About Me

Welcome to my website!  I encourage you to read through it for information and resources on my various interests, including caregiving (lay and professional), aging and eldercare issues, couples/relationship issues, as well as grief and loss.

In addition to being a licensed clinical social worker, I am also a registered nurse with an extensive background in various issues of health and illness.  I find that my nursing background brings an added dimension and tremendous value to my work with my clients.

In your search for a therapist, research shows that a quality therapeutic relationship is key to a good outcome in therapy.  Therefore, it is important to find a therapist that best fits your style and with whom you feel a connection.  


What I specialize in...

Caregivers' Issues

I have a soft spot for working with professional caregivers (doctors and nurses) as I know, first hand, what it's like to be in that role. Also, being a caregiver to someone you love can be a very stressful responsibility.  It is common to have mixed feelings regarding your role and fantasize about escape.  It can be helpful to talk to a therapist to help you regain perspective and reprioritize care for yourself in order to more effectively care for others.  

Relationship Issues

I'm passionate about working with couples and relationships of all kinds (including the LGBTQIA+ community).  When our primary relationship begins to falter, it can feel very unsettling.  Having a safe environment to discuss difficult topics and coach you on more effective communication and healthier dynamics can be extremely helpful and rewarding.  

Grief  and Loss

Grief is unavoidable in our lives.  We often struggle with what to say to someone who is grieving or wonder if our own grief is "normal." We are also surrounded by cultural myths around grieving and told how we are "supposed" to grieve.  It can be powerful and healing to have a space to discuss your individual experience of loss.

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